Author: Tony

Tony Seymour is a new author. He was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy at birth. Tony lives in Manchester.

World Cerebral Palsy Day 2012 – One Statistic, One Big Day, One Big Idea!

  Did you know that cerebral palsy affects 17,000,000 worldwide? Did you also know that cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood, affecting one in every 500 babies? No? That makes two of us! Impressive though these statistics are, cerebral palsy is still largely misunderstood. Despite developments in medical science and the… Read more »

Britain and the Book Festival – A Literary Love Affair!

As festival season gets in full swing, it is encouraging to see that more people than ever are being drawn to book festivals up and down the country. But what is the big attraction? And how have these events managed to grow in popularity in spite of the threat posed by a recession and the… Read more »

Disability in Children’s Literature – Tiny Tim hobbles on…!

  Disability in children’s books,  whilst by no means a new phenomenon, remains an area which is ignored by most mainstream authors. One reason for this could be that many writers have no direct experience of disability on which to draw. It is difficult, even dangerous to endeavour to write a novel on a subject… Read more »