Author: Tony

Tony Seymour is a new author. He was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy at birth. Tony lives in Manchester.

Sticks and Stones – The effect of bullying on disabled children

Despite strong efforts, bullying remains a constant problem in schools. And disabled children are most at risk. In a recent report produced for the Scottish Commissioner for Children and Young People, Tam Ballie, it was revealed that bullying is still a very real part of school life for disabled children. The document, was prepared by… Read more »

Papa Don’t Preach – Disabled Couple are keeping their Baby!

Last week saw the circulation of a rather concerning news story. It centred on a custody battle between a couple and the Canadian social services over a three-week-old baby. The mother and father of the child demonstrated no history of abuse or aggressive behaviour. They had no drug problems or relationship issues. And yet, they… Read more »

Adopting a Disabled Child – The Latest Celebrity Fashion Accessory?

  Brooklyn Decker’s recent announcement of her intention to adopt a disabled child has brought the issue of adoption of children with special needs into the spotlight. But whilst celebrities can offer a disabled child a new lease of life, it appears that they are still at risk of being lost in the system. It was almost exactly… Read more »

I Have a Dream…! – Celebrating Disability Pride

 July 2012 sees the ninth disability pride parade. But it’s about more than bright colours and fancy floats…  Last week I wrote about a five-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, called Lakay Roberts who had been banned from using her metal walking frame at school. Such acts of discrimination are not hard to uncover and demonstrate that there… Read more »