Author: Tony

Tony Seymour is a new author. He was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy at birth. Tony lives in Manchester.

Latvian Disability Allowance – Coming in from the cold?

The Welfare Ministry of Latvia recently proposed to raise disability benefits from 2014. In a country which is currently blighted (as with the rest of Europe) by economic hardship and which must endure extreme annual winter weather conditions, such an announcement must give some relief to the Latvian disabled community. However, even a brief analysis… Read more »

Living in a different world – The hate crime that time forgot

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog highlighting a project by the Taking Flight Theatre Company and Disability Wales. They launched a production designed to educate the public about the sinister issue of disability hate crime. As if to underline the seriousness of this growing phenomenon, a recently published independent report has revealed that… Read more »

“Disabled children should be put down” – the true cost of ignorance.

  The recent exposure of local councillor, Colin Brewer, who told charity workers that disabled children should be put down as they “cost the council too much money” caused understandable outrage a couple of weeks ago. But are Brewer’s comments really so shocking? After all, we already live in a society which permits euthanasia and… Read more »

Mermaids in Children’s Books – I want to believe!

  Writing recently in the children’s books section of The Guardian newspaper, author Cressida Cowell, listed her top ten mythical creatures in children’s books. There were dragons and goblins, yetis and dwarves, but no mention of mermaids! Intent on addressing this omission, I thought I’d give these mythical creatures a bit of a plug, whilst… Read more »