Author: Tony

Tony Seymour is a new author. He was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy at birth. Tony lives in Manchester.

Cabinet of Curiosities: Disability is out of the box!

On the 10 June 2014, the Manchester Museum will host a rather unique one-man show, designed to explore and question our perceptions of disability. Written and performed by Mat Fraser, ‘Cabinet of Curiosities: How disability was kept in a box’ uses museum artefacts  through the ages to analyse society’s view of the disabled. Furthermore, it… Read more »

Physiotherapy finally gets X-citing!

  One of the biggest challenges for anyone with cerebral palsy, especially children, is finding the discipline to regularly keep on top of one’s physiotherapy. With so many other infinitely more interesting distractions around, exercising can easily find itself slipping down the list of priorities. And yet, it is a crucial part of keeping the… Read more »

Strike a pose – The new faces of disability in fashion

  Is it possible for disabled people to be considered stylish and elegant? Though much has been done to break down the inhibitive perceptions of disability in the world of TV and sport, for example, fashion remains the last place anyone would expect to see a person with a physical handicap. Or is it? When… Read more »