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Disability confidence – positive departure or political sham?

  The issue of employment and disability continues to be a hot topic. Few can deny the negative impact of government policy in this area over recent years. Yet a new initiative launched by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) seems to be trying to encourage a more positive view of disabled people among… Read more »

A right to ride: should disabled people have priority over mothers?

  Who should be given priority on a bus? A disabled person or a mother with a young child? This was the question put to a judge in Leeds last September. Now the subject of an appeal, the issue seems set to attract even more attention with even greater ramifications for the disabled community. Last September,… Read more »

Literature is for losers! Why is reading just not cool anymore?

   A recent report published by the National Literacy Trust has revealed that “children are spending less of their own time reading and are increasingly embarrassed to be seen reading”. According to the survey, sitting down with a book just isn’t the done thing, especially for boys. So how do we tackle this problem? In an… Read more »

The Distance Between Us: A photographic account of cerebral palsy

   In a revealingly raw series of black and white images, freelance photographer Christopher Capozziello attempts to document his twin brother’s cerebral palsy. It is an ambitious project. Not only does it expose the obvious hardships and frustrations of this incurable condition, but the pictoral documentary poses difficult questions about human suffering – questions that… Read more »