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From Page to Stage Part IV – Marketing the Mermaid!

Having your novel turned into a play at one of the biggest theatres in the country is a pretty thrilling prospect. I have already written about the magical experience of attending rehearsals and seeing your creation lifted from the page. However, there is a little more to a theatre production than the show itself… The physical theatre… Read more »

From Page to Stage Part III

With only three months to go until ‘The Mermaid in the Gherkin Jar’ hits the stage at The Lowry Theatre, things are certainly beginning to take shape. May was a critical month seeing the actors getting to grips with the script. It also witnessed a short private performance of the physical theatre piece, where a… Read more »

It’s oh so quiet…?! Manchester’s International Festival serves up another dazzling kaleidoscope of music, mystery and movement.

  Since its inception in 2007, the biennial Manchester International Festival (MIF) has garnered a reputation for delivering a variety of performances from just about every corner of the artistic world. MIF15 runs from 2 -19 July this year and will be no exception, featuring a rich selection of brand new work, spanning the mediums… Read more »

The year of the mermaid? A fairytale look at film in 2015!

  The major Hollywood studios seem inexhaustibly obsessed with fairytales! Over the past ten years we’ve seen a multitude of these fantastic adventures brought to life. From witch hunters to sleeping beauties, it would appear the LA movie machine has a never ending love affair with such bedtime stories and this year will be no… Read more »