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Lockdown literature – books to read during self isolation

A month has passed since the UK Government took the drastic, but necessary step to put the country into lockdown. This is no doubt a worrying time for many. Whilst some family members are putting themselves at great risk on the front line with our incredible NHS, others have to deal with the uncertainty of… Read more »

More than the bare minimum – recent report highlights need for universities to do more to support disabled students

A recent report by the Office for Students (“OfS”) reveals some interesting insights into the challenges still faced by disabled students in university education. Whilst the report acknowledges that notable progress has been made, it argues colleges and universities still need to do more to ensure disabled undergraduates and post-graduates enjoy just as full a… Read more »

Boy with cerebral palsy fulfils dream of learning to skateboard

A beautiful video went viral this week. It shows a happy boy skateboarding around a park with the help of his mother. Whilst this, in itself, does not appear particularly newsworthy, the story takes on a different light when one realises the little boy has cerebral palsy. Joao Vicente is a sunny 7-year-old from Porto… Read more »

Running man with cerebral palsy makes history

The morning of Saturday 12 October was a momentous day for the world of athletics. With the streets of Vienna lined with cheering supporters Eliud Kipchoge became the first human being to run a sub 2-hour marathon. Once again, an amazing new world record has been set and the limits of physical endurance have been… Read more »